Residential Property

Why should it be more difficult and time consuming to buy a house than say a car? Good question.

The system for buying and selling property in England and Wales is gradually moving into the electronic age. But it is still basically an antique model from the age of steam which is no longer fit for purpose in the modern world. It’s creaky and slow at the best of times, and often breaks down.

So that leads to a second question. Do conveyancers actually help with buying and selling homes, or do they just add delay, confusion, stress and expense to the process? Well, most of the time there is a arguable case to be made that conveyancers are part of the problem not the solution. The difference between a good conveyancer and a bad one is that the good one will see you through a crisis. To keep with the analogy of the wheezy machine, he will know the grease points and how to apply patch repairs to keep the transaction going.

Everything depends on the skill of the conveyancing mechanic. We think we have some good mechanics in our workshop, which is why we think you should give us a try.

For our conveyancing fees please see our Residential Property Fees page